2013 Creative Resolutions!

Like everyone I’ve made resolutions for the new year.  2013 has got to be better than previous years and I didn’t want to make the same old resolutions.  Thanks to pinterest I found an amazing blog post about how to make it a creative year.  You can find the post from tinkerlab.com here: http://tinkerlab.com/2011/12/five-resolutions-for-a-creative-new-year/


My girl is 10 years old and she has always been artistic.  She used to love to draw and paint and was pretty good at it.  It makes me so sad that she is losing interest in art.  She rarely draws and when she does she is so critical.  In her mind if it’s not perfect than it’s not worth her time.  She and I decided that this year we would have a shared resolution and so together we will be creative.


What our new years resolution looks like:

  1. See real art.  Museums, galleries, public art.  All of it.  At least once a month we will look for actual art to enjoy together.
  2. She (I will call her Sabie) is going to keep a sketch book.  A little known secret about her is that she has SEVERAL sketch books.  Since it’s a new year and a new resolution she is going to get a new sketchbook.  One that has never been drawn in.  I”ve always loved new journals when I was little so I hope she loves her new sketchbook just as much.
  3. I am going to blog.  There are several things that I forget because I never write them down.  Things from favorite recipes and old family favorites to memories Sabie and I make.  While Sabie sketches I’ll write and we’ll be together while we do it.  Hopefully we both get better at our creative outlets and what we imagine in our minds will come to fruition.
  4. Learn new forms of art.  To Sabie this might mean learning a new medium but to me it is about learning a new way to be creative.  We plan to start  with crochet.  And old lost art form (at least in my family) that we have a practical use for.  We will start by crocheting cotton dish clothes.  Simple and square but something we are going to learn together.

So this is our resolution for the year.  I will keep a blog of how it goes throughout the year and at the end of it all hopefully Sabie and I both have a better appreciation for art!

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